Bumper Fix with TEROSON PU 9225

Fix a car bumper with TEROSON PU 9225.

Easy and reliable, TEROSON is a trusted brand by the industry across the world. 

First step, sand the area where the fixing needs done.

Second, apply primer and do so gently, allow to dry at room temperature for 10 minutes.

Once you've done with that, load the TEROSON PU 9225 into the spray gun, generously apply on the back of the damaged area, around the repair area. Both the adhesive components mix in the mixing nozzle.

Please note, at room temperature, the 2 components mixture can be used for 10 minutes.

Then, lay a glass fibre fleece on the adhesive compound. Press down with a trowel until it is soaked.

Then fill again with the TEROSON PU 9225 adhesive and spread smoothly. This adhesive hardens in 15 minutes, at 60 to 70 Degree Celsius. For example, under an infrared lamp.

After drying, continue on the front side, also applying here TEROSON PU 9225 around the repair area. Please avoid air bubbles, to ensure this, the nozzle must always remain in the adhesive compound. You may apply a little more in the visible area, also slightly over the original level, this facilitates the sanding flat of the repair area later, without hole or indentions.

As on the component rare side, a few minutes under the infrared light are sufficient for drying.

After that, sand off residual adhesive, begin with sand paper of 150 grit, for the finer sanding use 360 grit.

Finally, clean with TEROSON cleaner, and it can now be painted.

Here's a video demonstration on how to do it: