Welcome to J.A.W!

J.A.W Ltd is a New Zealand family owned and operated business with Head Office based in Auckland, and operating out of Waikato and Christchurch. The company has been operating since February 2009 and currently enjoys supplying nationally to some of the biggest Brands of car dealerships in the New Zealand market.

Our staff enjoy over 30 years knowledge in the automotive market and pride ourselves on the range of products from chemicals, paper products, clothing to equipment for the automotive grooming market.

We are partnered with market leaders in each supply chain to bring a one stop shop to your business which we call our “Total system cost saving” or TSCC initiatives that we currently implement to our existing customers on a daily basis.

Having experience in running a Chemical manufacturing site for automotive products and having to get full compliance for handling up to 100,000 litres of solvents, alkaline, Acid and PH neutral soaps and degreasers has given us the expertise to advise you in what your business needs to meet the rigid ERMA HASNO requirements.

Our focus is to reduce your expenses and improve your profits within a segment of the dealership market which usually is running as a cost centre rather than a profit centre.

We provide a free audit to your business which incorporates:

  • Occupational health and Safety.
  • Measurement of daily productivity.
  • Measurement of quality.
  • Review your foot print for best layout for productivity.
  • ERMA HASNO handling and storage