Protect your boats with our De-Saltinator!

You know what's really hard to clean? Salt.
If you live near the sea, or if you're lucky enough to own a boat, you've probably got some salt build-up that makes it difficult to keep your boat looking good.
So what's the easiest way to clean these things? Well, we know one thing: It's not going to be easy! But we also know that there is an easier way: De-saltinator!
De-Saltinator to is designed to literally break down the caked-on salt and wash away as the freshwater runs off. It’s PH Neutral and non-hazardous.
First add a small amount of De-Saltinator to the foaming cannon reservoir, do not add water as the venturi effect from the hose will lift the solution out and mix before landing on your boat, car, jet ski, caravan or whatever else you desire to wash.
Set the cannon to foam, turn the hose on and start spraying.
To do this, simply leave the foam on for a minute, set the water cannon to water only then hose off. The broken-down salt will run down with the water leaving a clean surface.
To avoid any streaking make sure all solution is hosed off and if you’re up to it, a quick chammy will leave your pride and joy looking like she just came out of the showroom.