Rags vs wipes: How the WypAll wipers can impact your pocket and your Carbon Footprint


Here at J.A.W, there are many things that we look for in our products. As well as reducing the cost to your business, we are also constantly working to reduce our Carbon Footprint and supply products to your company that are better for our environment.

Wypall Wipers are extra-strong, absorbent and ideal for heavy duty wiping tasks. They can be used for wiping surfaces, absorbing liquid spills, absorbing oil and grease, polishing glass, polishing stainless steel and other metals, cleaning machinery, preparing surfaces with solvents and many other uses. They are also compact and can be re-used which means your business will see cost, waste and storage reduced.

Our Wypall Wipers produce 64% less greenhouse gases in distribution and disposal than standard rags and occupy 37% less waste in landfill. Although standard rags may seem like a cheap and convenient option for your business, they can be more harmful and wasteful than you might think.

Rags can often pick-up contaminants and when used on a surface, these contaminants will be transferred and can cause damage in the form of scratches of vehicle surfaces, chips or flakes. You can never guarantee that a rag will be 100% clean straight from the box. Rags also often lead to higher disposal costs due to being heavy and voluminous. Government regulations now require special handling and disposal of rags with certain contaminants, which adds even more to the overall costs.

So, there you have it- Wypall Wipers are effective and will take the cost out of your business while also caring for our environment. Here at J.A.W we care about keeping New Zealand Green and healthy, and we believe that Wypall Wipers will be a fantastic addition to your workplace.