These products are gonna save you $$$

Ever wonder if you could groom your car in the comfort of your own home? The answer is YES!

Here at JAW, we supply everything you'd need for a Grooming Station at home!

Here's an example of a car we just did with the products in store:

After vacuuming and making sure every nook and cranny have been rid of dust, it's time to use our Nu-Guard Reviver. Just spray/dampen your microfiber cloth with product and wipe desired area.

Nu-Guard turns dull looking interior into looking like a shiny brand new one. Can be used on dashboards, vinyl or non-carpeted floors.

Under the seat, Carpet Extracta helped break down dirt and also with the shampooing of the upholstery.

Car pockets are usually overlooked which causes causes stains that could be a pain to get rid of. Nu-Guard restores plastics in the car and protects it from further damage. 

Wondershine was used under the bonnet.

Dull looking paint? Polish it now with our X-Factor. Not only does it polish, it also protects it from water damage. Watch how water just beads on the surface on rainy days. An if you were wanting to clean your windows as well, we have Glass Magic for that.