Water streaks? Try our SlipStream 60!

SLIPSTREAM 60 provide maximum protection by sealing the paint with a coating and provides a deep long lasting shine. Protects your car for 60 days.

Ever notice the water on your car leaving streak marks when it dries? Slip Stream 60 helps with this issue by coating the surface of the car so the water would just bead instead of spreading.

First, rinse your car. This is to make sure there's no left over debris that could potentially scratch your car once you start wiping it with a cloth.

Washing your car first will help eliminate any extra dirt that will only get in the way of the product. 

Rinse, and then wipe the water off before spraying with the Slip Stream 60.

Wipe the product off with a dry cloth and make sure to spread it out evenly. After that, your car is good to go!