What is Teng Tools?

The story of Teng Tools began in 1985. The founder Henri Tengvall saw the mechanics' need for a well selected range of hand tools and storage solutions that could work together to meet the demands of each individual. The Teng Tools name is derived from Henris last name but also the Japanese mystical creature Tengu, whose eye-catching and distinct attributes crowns our logo. Commonly portrayed with red skin and a long nose, he was characterised by strength, courage and innovative thinking, properties that our brand has inherited.





After setting up a warehouse in the UK in 1988 and founding Teng Tools Taiwan as our base for manufacturing in 1989 we were ready to launch the Teng Tools brand to a global audience. Our debut at the Cologne Trade Show this year was the platform for this launch. Highlighting the quality of our tested and approved tools was the beginning of our expansion into different markets. Following this show Teng Tools was launched in Sweden & Norway and we have been one of the leading brands in the Scandinavian market ever since.



The idea of Get Organised™ and the unique Teng Tools TC Tray system is the core concept of the brand. Each tool set is supplied in a unique tool tray that can be clicked together with any other Teng Tools tray to fit neatly into your chosen tool storage solution. No space is wasted, and order is maintained in your workshop. All our tools are developed to fit this tool tray concept allowing you to Build Your Ultimate Tool Kit to suit your exact needs.