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SHT Series | With 5M of Flexible Ducting
PE1056 – 400mm Industrial Ventilation Fan
This high performance portable ventilator fan has been specifically designed for use in commercial, industrial & agricultural environments. It ensures a constant flow of fresh, clean air by rapidly extracting stale or dust filled air.
• 240V / 50Hz 1000W
• Complete with 5M of Flexible Ducting (-30° to +80°C)
• 400mm Alloy Multi Blade Fan (2800rpm)
• Air Delivery – 96m³/min
• Static Pressure – 700Pa
• dB(A) - 80
• Overall Dimensions – 580(H) x 550(W) x 360(L)mm
• Net Weight – 21kg
1. Exhaust and supply fresh air in remote or deep operating zones, confined space construction and other bad air environments.
2. Exhausting welding waste gas, smoke, dust, the smell of paint during shipbuilding and maintenance.
3. Field machinery, chemical industry, plant warehouse, underground sinking, driving engineering and telecommunications.
Model #: SHT-40-1 RoHs
Compliant Certification: AS/NZS | RCM
NOTE: This fan is for extracting & ventilating air. It is not suitable for extracting explosive dust or fumes. Replacement 5 Metre Flexible Tube – Part # TQ1056/I
*12 Month Limited Warranty against faulty materials and manufacture defects only*